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"Moments That Moved Me"

I started running in 1975.  I was just out of High School and had moved to my grandmother's to go to Jr College.  I was a little chubby and had heard that running would help me lose weight.  Her house was at the top of a hill out in the country, so I ran down the hill and then walked and ran for a mile.  I kept at it everyday until I could run 5 miles (of course it took a while).  I contined to run 5 miles a day everyday to lose weight.  I did lose weight and got hooked on running.  I have been running ever since.  I hate to miss a day of running and I always plan when/where I am going to run each day (some say I plan my day around my running).  I love to do marathons the most.  I really enjoy going to a different state and running and meeting the people that live in the area and the great scenery each place has to offer.  I have a goal to run 100 marathons by this December.  Currently, I am at ! 91 marathons.  I also have a goal to run one in every state.  I have done 26 states so far.  When people ask me why I love to run so much (they think I am obsessed), I say I just love the way it makes me feel.  Some days are difficult and some days are easy, but I can't imagine never getting to run.  I pray that I stay healthy and am able to run as long as I can.
Dianna Sulser

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