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"Moments That Moved Me"

I started running about 2 years ago now. I had always wanted to do distance running but I have never been fast and I figured if you couldn't run fast why run. I had also always had a very difficult time breathing when running. Then when I started my new job one of my coworkers is an avid runners and her excitement for running made me want to start. So I gave it a try. I started out at a park that is a one mile course. I would run 1/4 of a mile walk a 1/4 then run until I had made two laps. I still had a very difficult time breathing so when I went in for my annual physical I mentioned it to my physician and to my surprise ended up diagnosed with asthma (my daughter also has asthma). Lights went on, in retrospect there were several times when I was a child that I had what must have been asthma attacks but my teachers and coaches never told my parents for whatever reason and I was never seen by a doctor. Now armed with my inhaler, I run 4 days a week and cross train 3 days a week. I have improved my peak flow readings by leaps and bounds. I ran the Michelson half marathon in June and now I will run the Leading Ladies Marathon. Mostly the reason for the undertaking of a marathon is to show my daughter that there is no reason a person with asthma can't do active things. I also love the time to myself. I can be just me when I run. For a little while I'm not mom, wife or employee, I'm just me alone with my thoughts.
Daphne Clark


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