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I don't consider myself athletic. Like all children, I remember running for short bursts when I was young. Then in the mid-70's, I started running with a friend - just to keep fit - no other reason. I guess it was during the first running boom. We would jog slowly around a standard track for a mile or so - sometimes more. Then a few years later, I wanted a goal, so decided to do a 10K. My training, however, was sporadic and remained so for many years. I didn't yet have the "running bug." I had met my future husband by then (1978) and he liked to "jog" also. I ran my first 10k in January, 1979, and have been running since. He's faster than I am so we don't run together, but are supportive of each other. We both stayed with distances of 10Ks and below until the mid to late 80's when we both tried to run longer distances, including the marathon. We made it to the 1/2 marathon distance, but cracked every time we tried to train farther. In the ! mid-90's, we hooked up with a marathon training group, and that helped tremendously and got us to the finish line of that distance. I guess that's also when I got the "bug" and have been running consistently since then. The friends I've met through running have are the best people in the world!!

I've also continued to run marathons, hoping to run one in all of the states.
Running makes me feel good - not just physically, but mentally. It's also simple. If I can do it, anyone can!! I put on my shoes, leave the house, and don't have to worry about putting on loads of special gear or spending lots of money (yes, I know shoes are expensive!) as with other sports. I live in an area where I can run outside all year round - through pretty parks, the beach, or my old friend, the track. I don't run fast, but can run for a long time. I'm not slender, but am healthy. Isn't that what it's about? I know that one of these days, I may not be able to run long distances anymore. That's when I'll join the ranks of another booming group: the walkers!!
Debbie J-R


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