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I am a member of the 50 States Marathon Club as well as the 50+DC Marathon Group. Spearfish will be my 46th Marathon and 36th State. I began running marathons in 1993 when a college roommate of mine ran New York and LA, and I though "If she can do it ... I can do it." I've been hooked ever since.

I've even been inspired to help train others to reach their marathon goals. I have been a trainer for the Hartford Marathon Foundation, and have been working with Leukemia Team in Training this year. I have also paced others to their marathon PR or Boston Qualifier. My goal this year is to volunteer or work at as many events as I participate in. Running is great, but the running community is even better.

I worked with Kathrine Switzer on the Avon 10K Series when it used to have a stop in Hartford in the late 1990's, and always enjoy seeing her at the More Marathon in New York City. I'm sure this event will provide many other women with the chance to get to know her and be inspired by all she has accomplished for women's running.

The 50 State Marathon Quest gives me a great excuse to visit every corner of the U.S. I haven't been to South Dakota since my post-College cross country trip in 1987, but I remember it as beautiful and unique. Looking forward to another marathon adventure and a great run.
Bekkie Wright, President, Silk City Striders, Manchester, CT

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