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"Moments That Moved Me"

Walking/running keeps me sane... such a great stress release. I developed back pain during my doctoral program... and walking has been my treatment. It has changed my life. I finally decided to try a marathon... Disney 2005 was my first. Leading Ladies will only be my second marathon... but Elaine makes me feel as if I'm an Olympian! When I think about marathons, I always have one special memory. I had read a little piece by Jeff Galloway about the psychological aspects of completing a marathon. He had made some statement about having a moment during your training when you "know" that you can do it..that you have to be psychologically prepared as well as physically prepared for the marathon. Well, I was battling blisters so I just wasn't in tune to where I was psychologically. I have to admit that deep down I was unsettled about the experience, but I was ignoring my anxiety. I am very much in tune with "Me," but I admit that I was more focused on blisters and speed as the time was approaching. I had started doing longer distances, and one Sunday I was finishing 18 miles. I was almost on auto-pilot. I just looked up and saw the corner of my street that marked the end of my 18 miles. I don't know how to express what I felt, but I had this burden lifted. At that precise moment I knew that it was over because I could do it. It sounds crazy but I finished the Disney Marathon at that moment on my street corner. I still get so emotional just remembering the experience. I did a longer distance before the marathon...and I finished the marathon without any problems...but nothing has ever topped that moment. Jeff Galloway was so right... I DID have a moment when I "psychologically" conquered the marathon. Of course, Brad Pitt gave me my "game plan" for making it through the marathon, but that's another whacky story in itself! I can't wait to meet each of you!
Deb Ingram


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